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Here at JDM ALL MAKES, we are driven and devoted to the best product possible. All cars and parts that come in, go through a vigorous test and quality control to make sure everything is in operable condition before it is released. Our goal is to import the best and cleanest cars and parts we can find because we believe that our customers should deserve the best when they buy from us. We carry varieties of cars from Honda, Toyota, Nissan, and many more. All our inventory on our website are inspected and ready to be shipped out. Some may wonder how we get our inventory and the simple fact is that we are the importers, we have our own yard in Japan that we bring cars to and get them prepped and ready to be imported here. Our specialty is automotive and along with cars, engines we also carry parts ranging from body panels to interior pieces. We have variety of items, all of which are OEM parts. They are also inspected before they are put out on our shelves and ready to be shipped.

Our vehicles we have listed on our website goes through multi-point inspection to ensure that we sell quality cars to our customers. We also provide an original Odometer Verification Certificate JEVIC to confirm mileage.  Every car we sell will be sold to you with legal paperwork with all the valid. All our cars that we import here are 25 years and older, they meet all requirements therefore they absolutely 100% legal to import here in the US. Within our lineup of vehicles we also have the exception of bringing over classic and vintage cars from all over the world, therefore we have a wide range of vehicles to come. Our mission is to provide our customers and die hard enthusiasts, a friendly and fun experience when buying from us. You can order any vehicle through us from not only Japan but around the world as well.

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