1992 Suzuki Cappuccino Hardtop T-Top Targa Convertible MT Turbo 657CC

////// Japanese VIN on the car, check with your state DMV on how to register this car before purchase, please///////


RIGHT-HAND DRIVE (Export Certificate/Japanese title and CBP/HS/DOT/EPA paperwork on hands)

Recently legally imported from Japan.

These vehicles can not be registered in California until brought into California compliance. Please ask us if you need information.


Please be aware CA sales tax and dealer’s fee. Please, visit our www.jdmallmakes.com auto parts store and eBay store “jdmallmakes1” we sell auto parts for Right-Hand Drive and Left-Hand Drive vehicles as well we can bring any parts for any cars, classic, exotic, sport from JAPAN. Financing is available. Also available another right-hand drive low miles Japanese Domestic Market classic and sports vehicles such as Nissan Skyline, Honda Beat, Mini, Toyota Sera, Toyota Aristo, Honda Prelude, Toyota MR2, Nissan Pao, Mitsubishi GTO and etc


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